Truth about Male Enhancement for Dummies about Male Enhancement

You may be shocked to learn the truth about penile enlargement products. Unfortunately, you most likely haven’t been told the reality. Another truth about penile enlargement pills is they make you larger by increasing the blood circulation to your penis.

Vitality RX  The effects are merely the exact same with exercising any normal portion of our body like the triceps and biceps. With male enhancement oil you are not going to experience side results. For some men, the side effects may not be serious in the beginning, but they are able to develop over time to something that creates a man miserable.

Male enhancement pills aren’t penis enlargement solutions. Taking penile enlargement pills while exercising can help since they aid in the correct stream of blood for a long-lasting erection. Male enhancement pills and supplements are big company, and you don’t need to go too far to discover an advert in their opinion. Remember, with Viagra you will need a prescription. You desire a prescription because folks are prone to having heart attacks with that specific drug. Moreover, natural pills don’t have any kind of adverse side effects. There are several organic pills but continuous studies have lead to the growth of more effective and extremely potent formulas that can definitely accelerate your penis development.

Solve all of your sexual difficulties and finally get the penis you have earned. Structurally, the penis is simply so large, so increasing blood flow isn’t likely to result in any sort of size increase and definitely won’t last. The improved penis means gain in the surface region of friction during intercourse. There’s a means to get a huge penis and everything you need are your hands to make it occur.

Enlarging a penis seems to be an impossible job to numerous men. Whenever you make your penis larger you are going to be able to stimulate your partner the suitable way. It’s perfectly natural if you need a larger penis. If you wish to build a larger penis, your BEST bet is natural penile enhancement exercise.

Truth about Male Enhancement Features

Since you aren’t comfortable with being labeled as a husband (or boyfriend) with a little penis, you opt to grow your man meat as swiftly as possible. Regardless of what women or experts say, the truth is that penis size does matter and it’s a glaring truth that most men do not appear to be pleased with their penis size. Aside from that, they also want to solve their sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, low semen count, and untimely ejaculation. Every guy is searching for a means to boost his sex life, and there are numerous disreputable companies that are only too eager to prey on male sexual insecurities and anxieties. As a consequence, men can expect to get an all-night staying power. Many men don’t understand that they already have a productive device at their disposal. They turn to jelqing to get a bigger penis.

Since no organic products of herbal origin are governed by the FDA, it’s an issue of practicing great caution when consuming such products. Broadly speaking, natural penile enlargement products are a lot less expensive than prescription drugs. Should old people be permitted to use penis enhancement solutions. A good product, taken in the right dosage, will probably begin to create stronger erections and more pleasurable orgasms in a couple of weeks.

The 30-Second Trick for the Truth about Male Enhancement

As is evident there are lots of advantages in choosing natural penile enlargement products. The other advantage of natural penile enlargement products is that the majority of the organic ingredients have more than 1 health benefit. It’s merely not manageable to anticipate a magic increase by simply taking tablets daily. Therefore there’s a tremendous demand for sexual enhancement products that has lead to the growth of innumerable products for penis enlargement.

If you may explore the matter with your physician, then perhaps you are totally safe in having the ideal all-natural penile enlargement product that may force you to live and love happily ever after. Basically, all you have to do in order to address your problem is to take some pills, and few days later it is possible to expect to awaken with a bigger and thicker penis! Shockingly, in the majority of circumstances the answer is no. In any case, it is possible to always ask the assistance of a medical professional to aid you in deciding on the proper brand for you.

Purchasing R and F Skin Care Type of R and F Skin Care

r and f skin careYou will do something positive for your skin while you are sleeping. Your skin won’t heal overnight. In the start of treatment, the skin may seem to get worse. Your skin is telling you it isn’t doing well with the merchandise you are using. When you strip your skin of organic oils, it must work twice as difficult to create more oil, creating more breakouts. Pure Ravishing Skin If you would like to drastically enhance your skin, take a look at the hyperlink below for more details. You’re remodeling the epidermis and making it new. The skin is the sole thing you cannot change once damaged and it’s permanent. Be careful to not over cleanse oily skin, doing this may strip away an excessive amount of oil which leads to greater oil production.

If you’re older, it isn’t ever too late to get started taking care of your skin. Your skin is so delicate and you want to protect it. Light, so it can breathe. For up to two days after using microdermabrasion, it is more susceptible to sun-damage so be sure to protect it. When you repair the epidermis, you’ve got to provide your products time to get the job done. Great looking skin is not only about fantastic genes.

The New Angle On R and F Skin Care Just Released

Such an item ought to have an anti-aging formula which works on your skin from within. The sorts of goods you use in your beauty ritual will also be based on what’s most effective for your skin. The products consist of the proper concentration which will surely be show great effects in around fourteen days. It is crucial to know the following when looking at skin care solutions. Skin care products may add pleasure to your day and you don’t need to break the budget as you indulge. Utilizing natural skin care products will aid in retaining the overall body’s moisture.

When in doubt, a physician is going to have a lab culture examined to make sure you don’t have psoriasis or a different skin condition. Hence, walk away in case you think your skin care consultant isn’t too sure about her job. Just remember you need a Professional Skin Care Consultant that you’re feeling comfortable with and that it is possible to speak to discussing your concerns and requirements.

Most Noticeable R and F Skin Care

If you deal with yourself and use products intended for anti-aging your may maintain that youthful appearance. If you smoke, deal with your skin. Osmosis Skin Care recommends an entire 30 days to begin seeing the kind of outcomes you have always imagined. There’s affordable French skin care out in the marketplace.

You will have to have at least five to ten treatment for optimum effect. Treatments are performed by a doctor. With today’s technology there are a few great anti-age skin care treatments available on the market, and don’t be tricked into thinking you need to devote hundreds of dollars on any particular item. Medication may be a required step.

Listen to what your skin is attempting to inform you. Even through you are aging, it does not need to age along with you. Remember your skin changes with the seasons so get in touch with your Professional Skin Care Consultant at the start of each season to ascertain what should be done to continue to keep your skin healthy and lovely. Dry dead skin inhibits the efficacy of your skin having the ability to absorb moisture and protective barriers like sunscreen.

Don’t expect to treat your acne overnight, whatever you may hear. Getting acne can be extremely annoying. Nonetheless, the fantastic thing is, there are a number of strategies to eliminate acne in an extremely fast and effortless method. Since acne is due to bacteria from the accumulated dirt on your face, it’s a very intelligent move to use tea tree oil to eradicate acne as it is antibacterial. Whenever you have acne, whatever type, there are some essential tips you want to utilize in order to acquire the most out of the acne medication you’re using.

Some products are created for sensitive skin and other products are somewhat more aggressive in the event that you would prefer a stronger enhanced outcome. Even if you adore an item and your skin does not appear good, you may want to try out something else that is better suited for your skin. You want the product to go under the epidermis to begin the healing procedure. It’s very helpful for the consumer to know the goods correctly and the way to use them. Many products are offered for use. There are several products to pick from and your physician would like to set you on medication.

Both products are much superior to a lot of ingredients on the marketplace and way ahead of their time. AHA products aren’t created equal. You want a product whether or not a cream or serum that penetrates the epidermis and does the work under the epidermis.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

Eastern individuals eat everything but seldom find overweight. A lot of people say that he’s the man who will alter the world with his own vision. A person that has a wholesome liver cannot be overweight as a rule. Participants in the conventional care group received weight loss help from a health professional at their neighborhood GP surgery, dependent on national therapy guidelines.

Whatever the case, Smith’s weight loss might just be a use of the total amount of food he was eating. Vitax Lean Sustaining such weight reduction on a long-term basis is typically the challenge. It’s totally realistic manner of slimming down. You will regain back all the lost weight the moment you quit swallowing pills. Slimming down with food is wholly secure and sound.

Exercise is one of several methods for losing weight and staying healthy. It is very important to discover an exercise you enjoy. It’s paradoxical to think that absence of exercise makes you overweight. Exercise can help you to lose weight but that doesn’t mean that deficiency of exercising made you overweight.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss for Dummies

In such a circumstance, an individual may have a discussion with them regarding the potential interactions drug usage can cause. Also in case you have any previous medical history or you’ve undergone any surgery recently then don’t neglect to discuss that with your doctor. Consuming the right quantity of caffeine can actually help you tackle a to-do list. A regular trip to the neighboring dental treatment center can deal with all our dental wellness care.

There are several effective methods to remedy low self esteem. Creating high self esteem is just one of the greatest things you can ever do to totally transform every element of your life. Fortunately, Smith is devoted to the lifestyle change. Kevin Smith is pleased with his 85-pound weight reduction. Keep up the brilliant work Kevin! Kevin revealed he made the choice to battle his bulge in 2010.

Calcium pills do not seem to yield the very same advantages, because dairy products have other compounds at work too. To begin with, there’s very little evidence that these herbal diet pills allow you to decrease your weight. Self medication can end up being dangerous. Herbal treatments generally speaking are extremely trendy today, which I find a small worrisome for a number of reasons. Holistic treatment for alcohol addiction The ideal approach to prevent a hangover is to give up drinking altogether. All that is needed for that is a correct dental wellness care and a normal trip to the nearby dental treatment center. To date, however, the plan appears to be operating.

After that, the 44-year-old made some key modifications to his way of life and it paid off. For that reason, it’s important to speak to the elderly men and women in the family about prescription drug abuse to learn whether any of them has got habituated. Many parents underestimate the level of their kid’s obesity. For that reason, it might be left up to the child to understand when enough is enough. Still, even the severely obese child can be put in an environment that could decrease weight. Even if your kid undergoes a laparoscopic obesity surgery to slim down, ideal food habits can work wonders for his wellbeing.

A wholesome smile can bring plenty of good wishes our way. It’s imperative therefore to look after our mouth and our teeth in the most effective possible method. By forgoing your everyday shower from time to time, you will have the ability to avoid stripping your skin and hair of essential oils. Liver is extremely vital organ inside your body and your survival is contingent on the liver’s capability to do its functions. Healthy liver starts an automated procedure for fat loss.

Turning to his buddy and fellow Clerks co-star Jeff Anderson for advice on staying fit, Smith started juicing to boost his power and fuel his weight reduction. Alcohol consumption can cause excessive sweating. Moreover, alcohol intake while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) where the infant’s brain and other organs might get affected.

Food can cause you to get healthy. It is energy as well as a medicine. Feeding the ideal foods only isn’t a comprehensive approach. Coffee can also function as a diuretic, so it is necessary to ensure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.

How you consume your caffeine has a tremendous influence on the effects it has on your wellbeing. Caffeine and coffee can be quite beneficial while enjoyed in moderation. Alcohol leads to excessive dehydration. Occasional drinking to acquire relief from stressful times can become an addiction prior to an individual realizes it. Water is required for consuming calories.

Viagra has Revolutionized the Lives of the Elderly

Many a times you must have seen that inviting look in the eyes of your mate while she is gardening and you are reading that Sunday morning newspaper of yours feeling sexually aroused, so desperate you feel, to see her inviting looks, but instead you keep reading that newspaper page again and again pretending that you are not noticing anything.

The thrill of your married life hasn’t come to an end even though you may have crossed 70. You do not need to worry about your sexual performance. No doubt the old age brings some of its own kind of problems with itself. And one of them is the problem of male impotency or erectile dysfunction. But do not get disheartened. Just because you are approaching 70 or you are 75+ doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sexual bliss of your married life. We know that you may be thinking that how is this possible at this stage when you have such a low sexual stamina. Relax! VIAGRA is just for you.

Men are in fact whimsical creatures Nitridex Male Enhancement who have huge egos and they measure their ability on the basis of their sexual prowess. When men are not able to control their sexual ability they to some extent begin to lose their self control. Thus if a man is suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction be rest assured that a man is never going to go and discuss his sex life with anyone, not even with his physician. A man may in fact feel embarrassed to even talk about it with his companion.

But there is no denying the fact that Viagra has really revolutionized the lives of men. People are no longer shy of talking about their problem of erectile dysfunction. There are hundreds of online pharmacies where a person can go and get Viagra anonymously without the fear of meeting his physician face to face and hence avoiding the embarrassing condition of answering the questions of his doctor. The fact is, howsoever strange it may sound but these online pharmacies are catering to the needs of approximately 30 million men in US alone who are suffering from erectile dysfunction by giving them a chance to regenerate their sex lives and boost up their low self esteem.

Viagra works on all cases of erectile dysfunction, whether caused by any physical reason, psychological or due to the old age. You can take Viagra prior to 1 hour of your sexual
activity and can see the difference. Viagra starts working inside your body as fast as within 15-30 minutes and stays in your system for complete 4 hrs, giving you enough time to plan your action. Taking Viagra gives a feeling of psychological satisfaction too to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The fact that in spite of some minor side effects like headache, flushing etc, Viagra still remains as one of the most popular anti-impotence medicine, is an evidence in itself that the benefits of Viagra outweigh far more than its side effects.

Losing Weight is Like Eating Ice Cream

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” drawled Forrest Gump.

Metaphors are great. Writers use them all the time because, simply put, they get your attention and really drive a point home.

That’s because life and a box of chocolates have as much in common as French Toast for breakfast and a French Toast to your health.

But you know a punch line is coming to connect the dots and relate two ridiculously unrelated things. So you wait, listening sharply to catch the thread that makes it make sense.

“You never know what you are going to get.” Aaahhh, riiigghhtt!

The mismatch, mental twisting, and surprise resolution slam the point home. There. That’s the micro-anatomy of our most common literary tool. So how about a metaphor for eating healthy?

Losing weight is like eating a single scoop death-by-chocolate ice cream cone. Okay, that nailed the “man, this strains reason” Garcinia Slim Xtra part. But now let me explain.

First of all, real connoisseurs know that you must linger over your ice cream: chasing runners, keeping it off the pavement, and pushing it right to the bottom of the cone without bathing in it. These are all vital factors. It’s a process.

And that’s the point. It just takes time, and when you’re finished with that ball, you think … perfect!

Now imagine that same single scoop of ice cream, but this time placed in the deep empty hollow of a cereal bowl. We see it down there, sad and lonely, and invariably decide that it needs 3 more scoop buddies.

That’s because we believe we are getting gypped somehow if our food doesn’t fill the space.

Now. What does this have to do your dinner tonight? Well, the space you serve your food in matters. If you put dinner on a gigantic platter, you’ll end up with helpings 2, 3, and 4 on the plate all at the same time. And if it’s in front of you … you’re going to eat it.

So a basic message you can take home and try tonight is simply to begin on smaller plates. This trick exploits one of the bedrock laws of the Universe.

There’s four of them in all: E=MC2, Finder’s Keeper’s, The Conservation of Matter and Energy, and the big one – Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach.

Simply handling this last law prevents the drastic overeating so typical of American buffet trough-feeders. And, repealing this law of nature doesn’t require any higher math or even a physics degree.

Take the first step to solving your portion problems by beginning with a smaller space for your food. Next, eat your food like you eat your ice cream – a little at a time. Enjoy it by making it last.

Small bites increase the length and pleasure of the meal. When your focus is more on enjoyment than consumption, that smaller amount becomes … perfect!

Your calories drop with your portion sizes and you love your food more – just like lingering over your single scoop death-by-chocolate ice cream cone!

Aaahhh, riiigghhtt!

Dr. Will Clower is the award-winning author of The Fat Fallacy and founder of The PATH Curriculum, The PATH Online, and Newsletter.

The PATH: America’s weight solution.

Why Breakfast is Good for You

Ok… If you are reading this is because you do want to hear the “why breakfast is good for you” sermon.

Well, you may have read it in the paper, or maybe you’ve heard it on the radio on your way to work. It’s almost a cliche! Almost everybody knows that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

If it’s so good… how come many people skip breakfast?

People do. There are lots of excuses for not having breakfast, including (but not limited to):

Lack of time

not being a morning person

trying to lose weight

Not finding anything good for breakfast, and

having forgotten to have it

A while ago I used to skip breakfast too.

Later on I would have “Golden Farms Forskolin”, and then a very heavy lunch (depending on how hungry I would be by lunch time).

But when I started paying attention to what I ate (and how and how much), I realised the damage I was causing to my body by skipping the most important meal of the day.

What happens to our bodies when we skip breakfast?

Understanding this question will help you realise “why breakfast is good for you”, and hopefully, you’ll reconsider making breakfast a must in your everyday life.

For starters, if you skip breakfast you’re making it harder for your body to lose weight, and your energy levels will tend to be lower than those of a person who looks after herself.


Think about it. By the time breakfast is due, your body has not received any food for about 8 hours (a third of your day). Compare this with your “day” hours, when you have 3 (if not more) meals.

It is amazing how, if you are used to skipping breakfast, you condition yourself to feel “ok”, but a close examination of your “fasting” mood would reveal that your levels of energy are low. What happens is that your body is rested at the end of a good sleep, but you still need the energy after you wake up.

Your body does not stop just because you go to sleep. It goes on breathing, digesting, pumping up blood everywhere in your body, and moving (amongst many other physiological processes).

It constantly needs fuel (ie food), and even if you’re not hungry early in the morning, your body will still need the extra energy contained in a breakfast meal. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

But breakfast is more than an energy source. Breakfast is good for you because it:

provides glucose to your brain, making you mentally efficient and alert. You get “the edge” by having breakie (Australian for “breakfast”); 😉
reduces your cholesterol levels (depending on what you eat for breakie, of course!);

gives you vital nutrients and vitamins;

makes you slimmer, by jump-starting your metabolism (how quickly your body burns energy), which is slow after relative inactivity at night.
makes you “Mr or Ms Happy”. An energized and balanced meal may alter your mode and make you feel better during the day.

What to have for breakfast?

The opposite of skipping breakfast is having the wrong things for breakfast (and possibly too much of it too!).

Every meal is capable of giving you energy. The question is “how long will that energy last for?”. This is important to know because that will determine whether you still feel “charged up” till lunch time, or whether you’re starving by 10 AM.

Avoid things like chocolate chip muffins and other high sugar meals. The energy levels are high (and they taste deliciuos, I know!) but short-lived, and the residual makes you bigger and heavier. So, these foods are a no-no.

Fresh fruits and cereals, are a healthier choice, but you have to be mindful of the sugar contained in cereals. Some of them can have enough sugar a whole family in one single serving!

But what if you’re not “a breakfast person?”

There is no such a thing as a “breakfast person”.

If you need to do something for your health, you do it, and you can condition yourself to make having breakfast part of your life and take pleasure on it.

But I’ve got a couple of tips that can help you in your transition to having breakfast:

Know “why” breakfast is important. Reading this article was a good start; 😉

Buy fruits and cereal (but mind the amount of sugar that some cereals contain);

Check out my (ahem… )delicious low fat breakfast recipes and try some (you’ll like them, I promise);

plan your meals. Planning ahead to have interesting and tasty meals for breakfast will help you enjoy it;

If you don’t have the time to prepare breakie (you don’t have 5 minutes for yourself!?), you may choose a good low fat fast food outlet and be good and have a low-fat-low-sugar-meal.

But whatever you do… do have breakfast!

… it’s good for you! 😉

Have a great day!

NotOneOunce — The Run-up To Thanksgiving

The 8-Week Campaign to Survive the Holidays

Eating preparations in the run up to Thanksgiving.

The turkey tsunami hits on the 3rd Thursday in November. It comes complete and replete with piles of potatoes, pies, sauces, stuffing, and all the rest. When you survey that mound of food, you realize that everything in there is healthy.

If you’re eating all healthy foods, what’s the problem?

The problem is volume, pure and simple. Eating a trough full of anything will make you overweight and unhealthy; and the typical Advanced Turmeric Thanksgiving meal is normally served with a forklift. Name one thing on this planet that you cannot overconsume, to make it become bad for you.

Short term problem

After Thanksgiving, most people have to be rolled away from the table to recover on the couch for a solid hour of college football. Obviously, if the stretch receptors in the wall of your stomach are screaming at you stop, Stop, STOP, you have added far too many calories at that meal. In addition to the terrible feeling of being completely stuffed, you have simply added to your expanding horizons.

Long term problem

You stomach is completely adaptable, and responds to what you put in it. If you put it too much food, you are simply training your stomach to receive more and more food at the next sitting. This long term problem comes back at you down the road by increasing your tendency to overeat in the future. Just as you can train yourself to eat smaller over time, you can train yourself to eat and overeat gigantic portions.

Now what do we do?

Begin preparing for T-day now. Put away your large plates and replace them with the medium sized ones. When you do this, you will put less on your plate than you normally do, and you can begin to train your body to expect less food in the long term. Make that amount last through the entire meal (about 20 – 30 minutes).

When T-day does arrive, you will eat on your smaller plate, consume less food, and be the only groan-free member of your family on the post-dinner couch!

Dr. Will Clower is the award-winning author of The Fat Fallacy and founder of The PATH Curriculum, The PATH Online, and Newsletter.

The PATH: America’s weight solution.

Prostate Part One – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

What is situated below a body of water, has four zones and is commonly associated with venial pleasures. No it is not some romantic European city, but rather a walnut sized male organ that serves important procreative functions. It also happens to be an organ that plagues men as we age. This organ or gland is the prostate. This is the first of two articles on the male prostate. This article will focus on a disease process that affects older men, something we refer to as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a non-cancerous growth in the size of the prostate gland that impairs the flow of urine out of the bladder. The second article will focus of prostate cancer.

But first a little about the small yet important male organ. The gland is located just below the bladder. It usually measures one inch by one-and-a-half inches (approximately the size of a walnut). It surrounds the urethra Nitridex (the tube that takes urine out of the bladder). It is responsible for producing a fluid important in male sexual function.

In the past the prostate was described as having “lobes”, but today we refer to it as having concentric zones. These zones are important both on an anatomical as well as histological level. We can separate pathology along these zones as well. For instance most all cancers occur in the peripheral zone while the benign process of enlargement occurs almost exclusively in the transitional zone (which only occupies about 5% of the total prostate volume).

The prostate gland is also made up of different cell types. Cancer cells develop from the epithelial cells, but it is the interaction with stromal cells that is important in the behavior of the cancer. BPH develops from an interaction between these cells as well, but it is complex and poorly understood. Testosterone and other hormones and their interactions with this gland are hot topics of research in understanding prostate disease.

The prostate gland produces most of what is found in the male ejaculate. The average volume is about 3 mL. This is less than a teaspoon and only 1% of it is sperm. The majority of the semen volume is made of products of the seminal vesicles and the prostate. The male ejaculate is very rich in potassium, zinc, citric acid and fructose. Along with these substances it also contains prostaglandins. There are many other unusual substances found in the semen. Not all is know about their function or purpose.

This important male organ is a complex mix of anatomical structures and cell types that make it possible for human reproduction. However beyond the reproductive years of men, this organ becomes one of burden rather than usefulness. We will discuss the finer points of BPH and how to best avoid it and if plagued with it, treatment options.

BPH typically affects men from their fourth to fifth decade of life and beyond. Several hormones come into play that have a drastic effect on the transitional zone (the zone that is most central and surrounding the urethra). Namely a metabolite of the male androgen Testosterone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) plays a big part on the enlargement of cells of the prostate and the encroachment on the urethra. There are several signs and symptoms that correlate with BPH and they are: slow urinary flow, the urge to urinate all the time, nighttime urination, enlargement and distension of the bladder with continuous urine leakage (incontinence) and urinary obstruction. Autopsies suggest that more than 90% of men older than 70 years have BPH. The average age for symptomatic development is about 65 years for white Americans and about 60 years for African-American men.

Ways to prevent the effects of DHT on the prostate gland and the ensuing enlargement are via medications that block the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts Testosterone to DHT. Proscar is such a drug commercially available through a pharmaceutical company. Proscar works on blocking the effects of androgens on the epithelial cells and can actually shrink the size of the prostate making some of the symptoms of BPH resolve.

Alternatively two FDA approved drugs that aid in symptoms of BPH (but act differently than Proscar) are Hytrin and Cardura. Both Hytrin and Cardura are drugs in the alpha1-blocker class. Originally researched as a centrally acting blood pressure reducer for patient with hypertension, it was discovered that this drug would actually relax the prostate tissue surrounding the urethra making symptoms of BPH resolve. Side effects generally include low blood pressure, dizziness, and nasal stuffiness. While neither of these two drugs will “cure” or reverse the process, they certainly do provide symptom relief for the patient plagued with BPH.

Another way to treat this disease and a more natural approach is the use of herbs know for their anti-androgenic effects on the prostate. These include the well-studied Saw Palmetto herbal extract that blocks 5-alpha-reductase in the same manner as the prescription drug. Saw Palmetto taken in a standardized dose of 160mg twice daily has shown increased urine flow, with minimal side effects. Saw Palmetto is an herb indigenous to the Lowcountry of Georgia and South Carolina. Pygeum Africanum is shown to do the same yet it is not as effective and there is a fair degree of stomach symptoms. Pygeum is derived from an African evergreen tree. Stinging Nettles (Radix urticae) is another herb used widely in Europe for prostate health that has been shown to lower the residual urine volume in men with enlarged prostates. These phytotherapeutics (plant derived medicines), used and described by the Egyptians as far back as the 15 Century B.C., have a common compounds called phytosterols. The most effective phytosterol is beta sito sterol for BPH.

None of the medications or herbs has been shown to prevent prostate cancer. These prescription medications and herbs are for the treatment, reduction in size or prevention of the benign process of enlargement of the prostate. Prostate cancer prevention and treatment is by other means and the subject of the next article.

Besides the herbal and drug therapies there are a few surgical therapies worth mentioning. These include the most common transurethral resection of the prostate or TURP. This is where under the care of an urologist the constricted urethra within the prostate gland is “reamed out” thus mechanically or surgically widened the opening. A variant of this is the transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP) where an incision rather than resection of the tissue is performed. A suitable procedure for patients with prostates 100 mL in volume. This involves an abdominal operation and removal of the whole prostate. Of course symptoms mentioned above for TURP are of greater frequency with this more radical procedure. There is also thermotherapy (a type of microwave treatment) that alleviates irritative symptoms, but not much is available in long-term results in the medical literature. And finally stent placement is an option. This can be used in selected cases of patients with a poor general condition and in the non-operative candidate.

Symptoms of BPH include:

Obstructive symptoms:

Hesitancy in initiating voiding (trouble getting started)

Weak urinary stream, prolonged voiding

Post-voiding dribbling (mild incontinence)

Sensation of incomplete emptying

Nocturia (night time urination)

Overflow incontinence

Acute urinary retention (very painful condition)

Irritative symptoms:

Dysuria (discomfort in urination)



Scoring BPH:

The American Urological Association Symptom Index (AUASI) and International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) are now considered the gold standard measurement tools for the assessment of BPH symptoms and response to treatment. Both questionnaires can be used by a physician in a clinical practice to quantify the subjective symptoms of BPH and monitor therapies.

Part II in this series will cover annual examination of the prostate, blood testing, prostate cancer. It will also cover prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.

Four Reasons to Choose a Whole Body Wellness Clinic

When it comes to healthcare decisions, it’s difficult to know which doctors to visit, let alone which wellness clinics or wholistic health centers are best. Many people neglect taking proper care of their mental and physical health until they’re in dire straits, and medical issues are often treated without evaluating the whole body. Wholistic healing works by focusing on all aspects of both body and mind because many illnesses and problems are connected to other parts of one’s lifestyle or mental health. Here are a few reasons why choosing a wholistic wellness clinic may be the best decision.

Natural Methods

Not only do wellness clinics provide standard medical services, but many also focus on natural and wholistic methods of healing. This includes herbal treatments, diet plans, and ensuring that patients have a good understanding of nutrition. Eating well helps to prevent other illnesses and ailments in the future and keeps the body HIghTech CBD Gummies running smoothly. Also, a proper diet and herbal supplements can sometimes improve healing time when one is sick. These natural treatments can tend to a patient’s root problem, rather than just treating symptoms.

Quality Care

Centers like these are often more attentive and focused on quality care than a traditional urgent care center. When the emphasis is on a whole body treatment, the doctors and staff are sometimes more in touch with the patient’s overall health problems. Doctors at a wellness clinic are not just focused on a particular injury or body part; they take into consideration all mental and physical aspects of a person’s health. Wholistic healing is not a quick fix-it is the long-term monitoring of diet, exercise, stress, and any other outside factors that could possibly affect one’s health and wellbeing.

Traditional Services

In addition to alternative medicine, a wellness clinic will still offer traditional medical services. Many will still conduct X-rays, EKG scans, ultrasounds, nuclear stress tests, and even lab services. Including traditional health services can help diagnose issues like broken bones or monitor conditions like pregnancy in ways that natural techniques cannot. In addition to more natural approaches, these clinics still use the latest in medical technology to treat and diagnose.

Mind and Body

These clinics are often a better choice for people who are interested in healing both the mind and body. From stress to anxiety to HIghTech CBD  neurological conditions, the mind can significantly alter physical health. Many wellness clinics, therefore, incorporate aspects of therapy and counseling to ensure healing of the mind and body in the same place.

Advantages Of Setting Up An Office In The Central Business District And In Other Prime Location

When setting up a business, aside from a good business plan, it is important to use the right location. As in the maxim for real estate, it is all about location. Without a good site, a business idea may be good but will have less chances of success. On the other hand when a business is located in a strategic place, the outcome can be entirely different.

Whether one is setting up a business office or shops in retail area or a commercial building, one has to check that the area is in a good location. Getting a prime location can be a wise investment. It has the advantages of enjoying visibility and good traffic. Recognizable location plays an important factor too. People tend to flock to areas that are well known and have good reputations.

Maintaining a business in an out-of-the-way area may hold allure for some people but this would depend on the nature of the business. HIghTech CBD Unless one’s business is about rest and recreation, setting up the business in an out-of-the-way site defeats the purpose of doing business.

It is important likewise for it to be accessible. Ideally, the place must be near or accessible to housing developments so that the staff and personnel would have no problems going to and from work. Studies have shown that less travel time between job site and one’s home results to more productive workers and positive attitudes of staffs as well. Commuting can be energy draining especially if travel time is long and involves problems such as traffic jams.

One of the best places to do business in any city would be in the Central Business District or CBD area. Another common name for the area would be downtown. It is here that most financial centres and business activities take place. Big banks and important companies would hold office here. Commercial offices for sale and for rent are likely to be more expensive and may sometimes be hard to come by. However, it is also in these places that business can be done conveniently because of proximity to suppliers and clients alike.

Look for real estate agents or online sites that offer commercial spaces for rent in these prime locations. Most reputable realtors would have a listing of office spaces and shop areas. Some of them may even know of possible locations that may soon be up in the auction market that you can take advantage.